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Canadian Custom Fence & Decks offers all sorts of commercial fencing and deck solutions.


From chainlink to gating, we have you covered!


Athletic / Sports Fencing


Looking for a large scale athletics-fencing solution for your stadium, ballpark, tennis, high school or other athletic facilities in the London or Surrounding area? At Canadian Custom Fence & Decks we offer maintenance-free, galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link systems that offer the level of durability and security you need at an affordable price for such an application.

Chainlink Fencing & Security


Chainlink fencing is a great choice for commercial and industrial facilities, as it provides a high level of both security and visibility. Seegars Fence Company is proud to offer a wide selection of chain link fencing materials to ensure you get the high-quality fence you want at a price you can feel great about.


If you’re a business owner or property owner in the London and surrounding area, the safety of your employees or tenants is probably one of your biggest priorities — don’t put your clients or propertiesat a security at risk by choosing a subpar commercial fencing solution.


Ornamental Commerical Gate & Fence


Canadian Custom Fence & Decks is truly committed to providing only the very best custom fence and gate solutions available for businesses, industrial complexes, schools, universities, apartment complexes or whatever yo uneed. Choose the professional team to bring to some beauty to your commercial applications.


We offer gate installation for all your custom commercial needs. We want to help you turn your vision into reality, adding rails, rings, partitions, rockscaping, scrolls, finials and more to your fencing to create the perfect look for your commercial or industrial space.


Private Commercial / Waste Enclosures


At Canadian Custom Fence & Decks, we know that certain  areas are not the most glamorous part of your commercial building or property. However, with the appropriate screening and fencing solution, you can keep your shipping / receiving or dumpster safe from animals or other unwanted intruders and flawlessly blend the area into your current landscape. We create and install custom solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and secure.


Agricultural & Rural Fencing


If you own a rural property you know that a reliable fence is one of the best solutions to keeping your buildings, animals, crops and more safe and secure.


At Canadian Custom Fence & Decks, our professionals have worked with dozens of owners over the years, delivering quality field fencing installation for small pastures, ranches all the way to large-scale industrial farms and structures.


Whether you choose vinyl, aluminum, wood or metal fencing, we know you’ll be satisfied with the level of security and beauty we can offer — and with our choices of decorative materials, from post caps to color palettes, you can easily match your setting to meet your personal taste and preferences.


Temporary Fencing Solutions


Did you know that construction site burglaries can account for as much of a percentage of a building project-related costs?


Don’t risk losing hundreds — even thousands — of dollars by installing inadqueate fencing solution at your London area event or construction site. Protect your personel, property and business by choosing quality temporary construction fencing solution from Canadian Custom Fence & Decks!